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Florida Hardship License

For some Florida drivers with a suspended license, public transportation is not an option. They need to be able to drive to work, at the very least. In many cases, these drivers are eligible to receive a Florida hardship license.

A Florida hardship license is a temporary license that grants limited driving privileges until a person's Florida driver license is reinstated. To get a Florida hardship license, you must show proof of enrollment in an Advanced Driver Improvement course.

This proof of enrollment is in the form of a letter from the school / company that provides your ADI course.

Florida driver who received hardship license

"I was able to apply for my hardship license after signing up for this course."

– Wayne U., Holiday

Steps to getting a Florida hardship license

To get your Florida hardship license, you must take the following steps.

  • STEP #1 – Register for your online advanced driver improvement course with EasyADI.com (click any of the REGISTER NOW buttons on this website).

    After you complete registration and payment, you will see a download link for your enrollment letter. You can click the link to download and print your certificate right away, or skip this step and download it the next time you log into the course. Your enrollment letter is completely FREE of charge.
  • STEP #2 – Visit the clerk of the court and ask them to conduct a 30-day search of your Florida driving record. The clerk's office can assist you with getting the information you need from your record.
  • STEP #3 – Take your driving record information and the copy of your ADI course enrollment letter to the Florida Bureau of Administrative Review office. This is the government agency that will grant your Florida hardship license if you are eligible to receive one.

    At the Bureau of Administrative Review office, you will need to speak to a hearing officer. Present your documents to the hearing officer, who will review the circumstances under which you are requesting a hardship license. The hearing officer will decide whether you are to receive your license.

    Keep in mind that if you granted a hardship license, you will still need to finish the ADI course to have your Florida driver license reinstated. Habitual Traffic Offenders must complete the ADI course before they can apply for a Florida hardship license.
Am I eligible for a hardship license?

Drivers with a license that has been suspended or revoked for too many Florida traffic ticket points can usually apply for a hardship license. This is also true for drivers who have been ordered to attend an ADI class by a Florida judge or court.

Drivers who have been categorized as Habitual Traffic Offender (HTO) may also apply for a Florida hardship license after they have completed an ADI course.

Who may not apply for a hardship license

If your Florida driver license has been suspended because you are not capable of operating a motor vehicle safely, you may not apply for a hardship license. This category is a one-year suspension by DHSMV.

Drivers who have been convicted of DUI may not apply for a hardship license. The suspension period for DUI is normally 180 days to one year.

DUI offenders may be permitted to apply for a hardship license once they have completed their DUI school course requirement and finished their treatment program if they have been required to do so.

NOTE: Advanced Driver Improvement can not be taken for a DUI offense! Do not sign up for this course if you need to register for a DUI class.

If this sounds like the best plan to fulfill your ADI requirement, please click "Register Now" to get started with your course.